What Other Inspectors Have To Say

I just wanted to take the time out to thank Dave Dodge and his staff for providing me with the tools needed to be a professional home inspector. I had the opportunity to attend an inspection with Dave and was very impressed by his overall knowledge in the field. I am blessed to have found such a great school. – Jose F: 11/17/17


How did I get this great career? It all started the day I enrolled at The NY Home Inspector school.

“I wanted to thank you very much for allowing me to take your class. Your straightforward teaching style and the knowledge that you gave me not only set me up to succeed at this but gave me the confidence as well.” – Frank R: 11/16/17


After loosing my job in November of 2014 at the young age of 60 I realized that this was the time in my life to do something that I had always wanted to do. Back in the 90’s I looked into Home Inspection but then life and responsibility got in the way.

After doing my research and a lot of phone interviews I chose NY Home Inspection School and it was the right choice.  The class room work is always interesting, a great learning experience and the instructor (David Dodge) is always going the extra mile. The software that we use is easy to master and intuitive. The mock inspections are great and the instructor is top shelf!  I highly recommend this school.  John M. Yorktown Heights – 6/23/15

If you are looking for a new career or even one that will provide you with satisfaction, I suggest you sign up to become a home inspector. There may be a ton of schools out there, but none more thorough than NY home inspector school. David Dodge provides a learning environment that is second to none.

His charismatic, caring and humorous manner makes the learning fun and engaging. You will not be left in the dark upon completion of course. His promise to you is that you commit to learning and he will deliver you to the state test well prepared to pass. You should call him, you’ll be glad you did I know I am.  Kenneth S. Simonides – 6/23/15


The course is well laid out and in depth.  I thought I knew a lot about homes but the additional knowledge gained in this class was mind blowing.  I looked at this school and another and there was no comparison.  Instead of using a clipboard, checklist and pocket camera – all of which then needed to be transferred over to an obsolete reporting system, all I needed to do was TAP and Inspect.  I am so glad I made the right choice – Olivier R. 3/02/15


I thought learning how to inspect homes and write reports was going to be difficult but I was so wrong.  The course curriculum is very detailed and Dave’s knowledge is 2nd to none.  The reporting system was so easy to learn and use, I was an expert after the first day. – Anthony D. 2/16/15

I just finished up the first module in Dave’s home inspection school and I wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks.  I was a bit nervous at first when I signed up for the class, but after meeting Dave and the rest of the class on the first day, I knew that achieving my goal of become a licensed home inspector was possible.

The tremendous dedication, professionalism, and respect Dave shows students during class, and on our weekend mock inspections is what really makes this school one of a kind.  On our weekend mock inspection Dave makes sure that everyone’s question are answered, and they are comfortable with inputting their data into the Tap Inspect software program during the inspection. 

With Dave’s help I look forward to finishing the class and passing the New York State Home Inspectors test this fall.  Again thanks for all your help.  Larry Andrews 6/22/15

Dave is very personable and an encouraging instructor. He teaches you the tools you need to go into the field of home inspections and be confident and successful. The tap inspect method is outstanding. I would highly recommend his course to anyone pursuing licensing in the home inspection industry.  – Brian K. 4/19/15


I researched all the home inspector classes in my area before going with David Dodge. I liked the way he called me back immediately and answered all my questions. There was no ‘sales pressure’ to go with his course. Now that I am in the actual course with him, I am real glad I did not go with any other home inspector class.

Dave is not only a great teacher, he brings years of contractor experience to the table. Even though I do not have contractor experience, I feel that his explanations are clear enough for me to understand. I also like the fact that the class is not rushed. If a student does not under something, Dave will do whatever it takes to clear it up.

Dave’s choice of  the Tap Inspect program is excellent. I feel that when we ultimately graduate, we will have modern tools to work with and not a simple clip-board with hand written notes. I am 100% confident I made the best choice in a Home Inspector School. Thanks Again, Aristotle, Orange County , New York. 6/20/15


Dave is a fantastic teacher and explains in detail every aspect of home inspecting.  His 25+ years as a contractor, home inspector and instructor gives him the experience I was looking for when choosing a school.  The reporting system is awesome and I was writing practice inspections within hours. – Walt K. 1/16/15